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The Economics Faculty of the Azhar Higher Education Institute, established in 2019, and is always trying to provide a specialized and experienced staff of management, enterprises, finance and banking, because the Faculty of Economics is a productive labor force for management, statistics and economic institutions. It is the financial and banking of the country, so it is necessary to teach and educate in this educational institution according to the time requirements and the society values..

Achieving this has not been an easy task and has always been associated with challenges and problems. Especially now, that the discussion of economy and free market in society is considered as one of the urgent necessities of our society. This mission is strengthened as much as possible, and obliges the Faculty of Economics to need the current in educating the young generation and to consider this  economic institution so that in one sense it has lost its prestige and not because it is economic to fight growth. The free-market economy and enterprises revived and on the other hand as a scientific and academic institution. The duration of study at the Economics Faculty of the Private, Higher Education Institute is 4 years. Also, graduates of the fourteenth grade of education in the field of economics can complete their postgraduate courses in this faculty and obtain a bachelor's degree.

The first two years of the course are public, and students take joint courses together. At the beginning of the third year, students are divided into four separate and specialized courses and continue their studies

Faculty of Economics

Upgrading the Economics Faculty of Azhar Institute of Private, Higher Education as a top faculty in the country to train a specialized and professional force to participate in economic growth and improvement and eradicate poverty from society.

Faculty of Economics Mission

The Economics Faculty of Azhar Institute of Private, Higher Education, as an educational institution within the applicable laws of the country and the Ministry of Higher Education, tried to achieve the highest position at the national level in training professional and entrepreneurial workers according to the labor market through research and strive for scientific solutions.

Objectives of the Faculty of Economics

The Economics Faculty of Azhar Higher Educatons Institute currently offers graduates in day and night departments and is committed to provide and transfer modern and practical economic knowledge and skills in the community and providing educational services to meet the community needs and the labor market at the national and international level..

Department of Management and Enterprise Administration

The Department of Management and Enterprise, Department of the Faculty of Economics, the Higher Educatons Institute, started their activities since the establishment of the Faculty of Economics in 1397 AH, because of the necessity of society.. The first entrance exam for this department was held in the spring of 1397. The number of professors in this department is 27, most of whom have master's and doctoral degrees.


The view of the mentioned department introduces the term of development as the center of the site. Scientific and commercial concepts and strengthening the strengths of the scientific direction have been affected.. We intend to increase our educational activities in the field of economics and management to meet the needs of society.


To fulfill its goals and views, the mentioned department is ready to continue its scientific, teaching and research affairs, following the society needs, with its experienced professors and wide facilities. Our mission in the sight of economics is to strive for the successful completion and the educational curriculum realization and the scientific and academic advancemene activities in the society in need of education in the country.

Department of Finance and Banking

Banking Department, established in 1397, within the Economics Faculty  according to the necessary assessment and study of the labor market needs for professional ambiguity in this field. The financial and banking system is one of the most important economic sectors of the country, which has made significant progress and steps in strengthening its role in the country's economy following the significant changes in the last decade. Banking in Afghanistan has not expanded significantly in the country since its establishment in 1312 until a recent decade, but due to the reliance on the country's economic system and the new commercial and banking laws implementation in terms of quantity and quality has grown as well. To strengthen this growth and align banking activities, according to the needs and necessities of the country and the Afghan society, the lack of professionalism in this field can be considered as one of the challenging issues. Therefore, considering the growing need of the labor market for professional cadres in banking, the Faculty of Economics had taken measures to organize this field within the faculty for a long time. Finally, in 1397, after adjusting the curriculum of this field, the Banking department's activity started within the Faculty of Economics.


Finance and Banking Department of the Economics Faculty is determined to train professional and specialized skills to strengthen financial and banking institutions in the country.


The Department of Finance and Banking, Faculty of Economics, in the light of the laws and bills of the Ministry of Higher Education, is determined to produce knowledge in the fields of finance and banking through teaching, learning, and promoting the use of scientific-research achievements on a large scale in the country scientifically and theoretically.


  • providing scientific-educational services at the highest possible level for students and other applicants

  • upgrading the educational levels of department professors

  • maintaining and promoting the department social status

  • development of scientific, educational and research cooperation with relevant centers at the level of provinces and countries

  • improve human resource management with an emphasis on recruitment, retention and development

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Introducing the Faculty of Economics of Azhar Higher Education Institute

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