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The Education Faculty , established in 2010, once the establishment of the Azhar Higher Educatons Institute. This faculty had the fields of Dari literature, Arabic literature, computer science, mathematics and Islamic education, which in 2012, Department of Islamic studies of this institute was upgraded to the faculty of Sharia. The difference between the Faculty of Education and other faculties is that this faculty, based on the law, can attract graduates of the fourteenth grade, and these graduates can obtain a bachelor's degree via education in the fields above through completing their two-year courses. The purpose of establishing this faculty is to provide educational and scientific services, to esteemed applicants in various fields, especially great teachers of religious schools and other schools with semi-higher education in the fourteenth grade, in-service, and in line with this goal, this faculty It has now attracted a large number of undergraduate candidates, mainly from the teaching staff of schools and colleges, and graduated after providing scientific services with modern academic standards.

Manpower is the most valuable capital of a land,  if it grows and excels well, it will guarantee the dynamism and prosperity of the land and the amount of social, economic, intellectual and scientific capital will increase every day.

The result of having an active and dynamic society is the conquest of the growth and progress peaks and the action speed in acquiring technology and scientific knowledge for well-being.

Accordingly, education is considered to be the basic pillar and foundation of promoting culture, science and personality improvement which is forming.

Students or social capital of the country reach intellectual prosperity when teachers and educators carelessly encourage future creators towards human perfection and intellectual excellence, and the path is drawn in a way that shows the scientific and intellectual precedence in the target society.

Nevertheless, the emphasis of scholars, scientists and sympathizers of society on the special public attention to the institution of education is an institution whose services are considered beyond the emotional behaviors of parents, and if this institution is well placed in the context and deep view of society, it will be the excellence of generations.


The Faculty of Education, within the framework of the Institute of Private Higher Education, intends to make the necessary efforts by using up-to-date methods and approaches in the field of education of professional and compassionate staff and teachers, and in accordance with the demands of today's society generation, present knowledge and be equipped with new awareness and put it in the service of the country's education.


The leadership of the Education Faculty of Azhar Higher Education Institute, in order to better meet the needs of society and especially the country's education, strives to train professional and capable staff and instructors using all modern and technological educational facilities and equipment and thus solve challenges. The educational and training entity in the country and society needs it.


In order to carry out its teaching and administrative activities, the Faculty of Education has goals, programs, perspectives and missions that have been prepared and come out of the approval of the Academic Council, which mainly endures the activities of this faculty in line with the same vision and mission. The Education Faculty of Azhar Higher Education Institute , considering the accepted, scientific foundations, has followed the goal and ideal of transferring research-oriented and applicable knowledge to the country's teachers, and has laid the foundation for a standard and modern educational system and has always been in line with It strives and plans for this purpose.

It is emphasized that, human development is the main pillar of sustainable improvement, which is important to education in any country. Because, education plays a pivotal role in building a dynamic society, so more efforts needed to improve the quality of education in the country. Quantitative and qualitative development of education, development of public participation, health promotion and improvement of human resources are among the most important work priorities of education. Accordingly, education is the basis for the intellectual and moral development of human beings in a dynamic society, and the most important path to human perfection towards happiness and grace lies in the school and the educational environment.

The importance of the role of education in training specialists, scientists, and those familiar with the new sciences is very important, and if we want to stay and have dignity, we have no choice but to use experimental sciences, technology, and the positive achievements of human civilization.

To achieve an ideal, advanced, and dynamic society in which human beings have rights and dignity, we need new organizations, innovative teachers, and innovative students. Education can be considered the heart of the body of society that any damage to it will cause damage to other sectors, and the mission of this institution is to nurture and train an informed, efficient and committed force for the country.

In this way, the students of the Education Faculty become acquainted with the fundamental issues of pedagogy and education, as well as the scientific currents that have arisen throughout the history of this science. Through familiarity with the theoretical foundations of pedagogy, students are prepared for future practical activities in such a way that they can act without mistakes and consciously in their practical work on education.

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Introducing the Faculty of Education of Azhar Higher Education Institute

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