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Admission Requirements at Azhar Higher Educations Institute


Admission process and conditions in Azhar Higher Education Institute

The Admissions Department of the Higher Education Institute is responsible for implementing the applicant's enrollment in the institution. This process includes preliminary registration, guidance and counseling of students in the selection of faculties and fields, guidance of principles, regulations and procedures of the Ministry of Higher Education and the institution, registration and related administrative steps, collection, registration and archiving of documents The necessity of the applicant, and informing the applicants about the time and place of taking the entrance exam, issuing the entrance card ....

There are two steps to enrolling in an education institution. First, the applicant registers his / her preliminary information in person or through the website of the institute. At this stage, the applicant includes the initial list to attend the entrance exam.

After passing the entrance exam and passing it successfully, the student must perform the second stage to definitely include the new list of the institute. In the second stage, after successfully completing the entrance exam, the student is required to present the following:

  • Copy of ID or identity document

  • Copy of school graduation certificates certified by the Ministry of Education.

  • If the applicant is a 14th grade graduate, a copy of the graduation certificate certified by the Ministry of Education.

  • If the applicant is a graduate of one of the religious schools, a copy of the graduation certificate from the Ministry of Education confirming its modification.

  • Two color passport size photos.

  • Signing the letter of commitment of the institution and submitting it to the admission department.

The conditions for accepting the applicant are stated in the admission procedure of the applicants of the institute. Some of the materials of this procedure are written as follows:

Article 2

Admission requirements for entrance exam (entrance exam):

  • Being allowed to study in accordance with the current laws and regulations of the country;

  • Submission of graduation certificate from the twelfth grade with the approval of the Ministry of Education;

  • Submitting grades for the last three years of high school with the approval of the Ministry of Education;

  • Completing the relevant forms and taking the exam card before taking the exam;

  • Obtaining a subscription card in the entrance exam;

  • Signing the ethical charter and accepting the discipline and discipline procedures and the tuition fee procedure;

Note 1: The age limit during enrollment in the institute is determined based on the bills of the Ministry of Higher Education. Note 1: If the documents mentioned in the second article of this procedure are not ready, the student is obliged to prepare and submit the documents within three weeks from the beginning of his first semester. If not implemented, subsequent responsibilities rest with the student.

Article 3:

Candidates are recognized as students of the institute after successfully passing the entrance exam.

Article 4:

Admission of students is done according to the admission plan and accommodation in the desired faculties. The admission plan is prepared every year by the departments and faculties according to the possibilities of attracting new students.

Note: If one of the items mentioned in the admission procedure of the institute is not implemented, the student will be prevented from continuing his / her studies. The institution is not responsible for approving or reviewing the student documents and in the event of any error or fraud in this regard will be the responsibility of the student. Under the admission, education, discipline and discipline procedures, the tuition fee procedure is available.

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